1. WATCH: Metronomy - The Bay

    I’ll put my hands up; I don’t like Metronomy’s third album “The English Riveria”. It’s not that it’s no good, it’s a fun pop record. I just believe they’ve lost the little quirks and idiosyncrasies that made them exciting and interesting on “Nights Out”. Newest single The Bay is closest in sound to their second album, and has a rather excellent video accompanying it. Making Torquay surprisingly glorious, the video is steamy, slightly silly and brilliant. There’s a good chance this will end up the hit of the summer.

  2. WATCH: Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2 trailer

    It’s almost finished. Fans, feel free to become hysterical and nostalgic. Haters rejoice. Whatever your thoughts on the specky wizard, there’s no denying the release of the eighth and final film is the end of an era. A Potter film every few years has been a comforting constant over the last decade, kind of like Friends repeats on E4 or Liam Gallagher’s decreasing relevance to anything. I can’t claim to have read every single book cover to cover (the first three, definitely. I think I dropped off around the fourth…), and not every film is a classic although they have got better as they’ve gone along. All I can say is that after the extended trailer that was Deathly Hallows Part One, Part Two looks to be a great end to the series. I’ll certainly be watching on the 15th of June.

  3. Slow Club; new song, new video, new album

    Indie-folk duo Slow Club return with a taster from their new album “Paradise”, released September 12th. An altogether more melancholy track than what was offered up on debut “Yeah So”, Rebecca & Charles have seemingly transformed into a poppier Arcade Fire; a little bit more epic, emotional, yearning vocals intertwined with big drums and guitars. Definitely one of the best things they’ve done so far. The video, featured below, is quite brilliant too.

  4. WATCH: Friendly Fires - Hawaiian Air

    Second single and first video from Friendly Fires’ massive second album, Pala. It’s a good’un, (particularly poignant for anyone who’s travelled on Ryanair) with the trademark huge chorus and hooks we’ve come to expect from the St Albans trio. Song of the summer perhaps?

  5. WATCH: Radiohead - Staircase

    Geeky fanboys rejoice! Whilst the whisperings of a second half to the surprisingly short King Of Limbs went unfounded, Radiohead have unveiled  a previously unheard song, entitled Staircase, for a BBC session (“Radiohead - The King of Limbs: Live From The Basement”, set for broadcast on July 1st). Featuring Clive Dreamer, one of Phil Selway’s favourite drummers apparently, and some more of Thom Yorke’s questionable dance moves, Staircase is a surprisingly danceable and uplifting affair that wouldn’t be too out of place on In Rainbows. It’s certainly better than the majority of tracks on The King Of Limbs.

  6. Laura Marling unveils her third album “A Creature I Don’t Know”

    First things first; I loved Laura Marling’s first album Alas I Cannot Swim. It was fresh, interesting and not bogged down with folksy cliché. Alas her second LP, 2010’s I Speak Because I Can, was bleak, dull and, yes, folk to the bone. There was none of the joy of Ghosts, the wit of New Romantic or the stark storytelling seen on My Manic And I. Of course, I’m definitely in the minority here, considering the avalanche of plaudits heaped on the album, including a BRIT Award for Best British Female and an NME Awrd for Best Solo Artist.

    Now we arrive at Marling’s third album “A Creature I Don’t Know”. Originally meant to be released last year after “I Speak Because I Can”, it was delayed until this year. No tracklisting has been released as of yet, but Marling is bound to air new material at Glastonbury Festival this weekend. A preview video, shown above, gives a brief idea of her current sound, which isn’t a massive departure from the old one. A little more bare, and a hint of Dylanesque twang to her voice, there’s no doubt Marling is amazingly talented for her age (at 21, she’s only a year older than myself), but her music, in my opinion, has skipped ahead and become too mature too quick.

  7. Something’s stirring with The Drums…

    It’s easy to dislike The Drums. They make unashamed pop music, have obscure indie leanings, looks like twats (admit it, they do) and do get a tad repetitive at times. That said, Let’s Go Surfing is one of the best songs of recent times and their eponymous debut album followed in its footsteps, providing breezy, 80s inspired indie-pop, ideal for sunny summer days. Along the way they’ve lost guitarist Adam Kessler, leaving them as a three-piece, but transforming into a five strong band for touring. By the looks of the grainy studio footage released today, there appears to be a slight swerve in direction for the band’s second album. The video, containing the band in the studio, street footage and some religious imagery, is backed by a synth riff, which sounds a lot like New Order (which would be a fitting path for the band considering their entire sound is derived from the Manchester band’s Age Of Consent) and a little like jj and a little like Hurts, who remixed The Drum’s Down By The Water to sublime ends. The word Portamento flashes up in the video on occasion. A possible album title? Whatever it turns out to be, The Drums are brewing an intriguing sound.