thinking about you

  1. Frank Ocean's "Thinking Of You" was one of our favourite songs of last year (even if it didn’t do too well in the end of year poll). Hawaiian Youtuber Gabe Bondoc has covered the song with little more than a ukulele, and, frankly, it’s brilliant. Stripping the track down, but losing none of the soul, it’s a big step in reclaiming the uke from the Zooey-alike twee brigade.

    You can download Gabe’s cover here


    Maybe it’s the music, maybe it’s the Odd Future connection but something about the rap crew’s token crooner feels special. It’s been speculated that Frank Ocean will be the biggest thing to come out of OFWGKTA; after the shock value of Tyler & co’s dark hip-hop wears off, Ocean’s likely to be a big figure in pop and R&B. His latest track, "Thinking About You" is a chilled groove with dreamlike synths, with Frank slipping into an irresistible falsetto for the chorus. Good stuff.