mylo xyloto


    The stadium-bothering, musical equivalent of beige that is Coldplay have unveiled the title for their fifth album: "Mylo Xyloto". Wonder how much that’s worth in Scrabble? That technicolour splurge up there is the artwork and sleeve for the LP. Produced by, amongst others, the band themselves and Brian Eno, the album will be released on October 24th. No tracklisting has been released as of yet, but “Mylo Xyloto” is likely to feature “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall”, “Charlie Brown”, “Hurts Like Heaven”, “Us Against the World”, “Princess of China” and “Major Minus”, as well as new single “Paradise” (released September 12th).


    Now Chris Martin & co aren’t regular fixtures on Hitsville (they’re a little too beige for us cool blogger kids), but their upcoming Mylo Xyloto album is quite anticipated, so it’s worth posting "Paradise", the latest single from the album. One word comes to mind, or to be more accurate, one name; Kanye. This genuinely sounds as if it could slot in on a Yeezy album or at least have been produced by him. It’s got the dark synth undercurrent, the unsubtle stadium guitars, the lolloping beat and bombastic strings that have become hallmarks of West’s sound in the last few years. It’s already being trashed by fans, but for some odd reason, I quite like this. What do you lot think?