1. In case you hadn’t figured it out, this little ditty here is where we here at Hitsville get our name. One of The Clash’s finest singles and the one that sounds the least like a bunch of snotty London punks, it needs no reason to be our song of the day.

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    Coming a few days after we review his latest EP, here’s more new material from London’s Howl. Released on his blog, Howl had this to say about the track:

    This is a song that is going to be on a project I’m putting together. I dont want to release details just yet but it should come out in Spring and it should feature a lot of guest production and features. Until then, enjoy & reblog.

    Lots of plaintive guitar picking, sparse echoing beats and Estuary vowels featured here; the key influences on Howl’s recent outputs seem to be the combined forces of The xx and The Weeknd. There are certainly worse artists to emulate. That project is one to look out for next year.

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    Everything I’ve seen about this duo has mentioned how great the name is. I’ve got to join in with that, it is quite an awesome band name. But onto "The Dig". I’m not sure how it’s possible for something to be sparse yet heavy but “The Dig” manages it. A massive mechanical beat gives the song quite a menacing edge.The robotic vocals certainly help with that too. I can envisage the throng of disillusioned teenagers swaying along already.


    Ready to hear the weirdest mashup of the year? Of course you are. Some intrepid/curious/bored soul has taken a reading of Psalm 46 (y’know, from that Bible thing) by a certain leader of the free world named Barack Obama and put it on top of "Þú Ert Sólin" by Icelandic multi-instrumentalist Ólafur Arnalds. The result is, well, a bit bizarre but also quite peaceful. Thank you, the internet.

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    Note to The Flaming Lips, this is how you do psychedelia without disappearing up your own collective backsides. The first track to appear from Of Montreal's upcoming Paralytic Stalks album uses every psychedelic trope around, but somehow sounds fresh and instantly classic at the same time. It starts with Elliot Smith-esque acoustic strumming, hits Beatles-y knees up, Bright Eyes-aping country, ambient drone and pretty much every other sound you’d expect from Of Montreal. Brilliant.

  6. 2012’s been a pretty good year for hip-hop… well, from a middle-class white kid perspective anyway. But after the grandiose bluster of Jay & ‘Ye, the dark world of Odd Future, the increasingly brilliant Childish Gambino and the general WTF of Lil’ B, we’ve got the collaboration between Black Milk and Danny Brown, two of the biggest underground rappers of the moment. Coming together for the Black & Brown EP (think about it), Milk provides the crackly, sped-up soul sampling production whilst Brown is on his A-game; energetic and frenetic.

  7. It’s been quite the year for Abel Tesfaye. The Canadian singer/producer has become one of the biggest names in the alternative world since his House Of Balloons mixtape dropped in March. Tesfaye’s smooth, dark take on R&B is pretty unique within the music world at the minute, and the Thursday mix that followed Balloons only helped to increase The Weeknd's reputation. The third mixtape in the trilogy, Echoes Of Silence, is due to drop some time before the year finishes, and this track “Initiation” is the first to appear from it. There’s a definite dub influence; Tesfaye has to have been listening to a lot of Burial, and the constantly pitchshifting vocal is reminiscent of Kele Okereke at points. Needless to say, it only helps to enhance The Weeknd’s standing as one of the most interesting acts around.

  8. A bit sweary for the rapper who could claim the title of housewives’ favourite hippy-hoppy fella. Taken from Tinie’s upcoming Happy Birthday mixtape, "Lucky Cunt" finally sees the BRIT winner get a bit of attitude and seem like a proper rapper for once, which is a relief since beforehand he’s appear to have as much game as a Nokia 3310. It helps that the beat is great though. Unfortunately, Tinie gets outstrippeds as soon as Big Sean steps up; American rappers are always going to seem a bit more convincing that British ones, it’s a fact of life.

  9. Following the news that they’ll be releasing their From The Basement session digitally and on DVD, Radiohead have announced they are to release a new single on December 19th. "The Daily Mail" and "Staircase" will make up the release; both were played during the From The Basement session earlier in the year, and studio versions of the track will be released for the single. The session version of “The Daily Mail” can be heard above, and the studio single will be played on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio One show at 19:30 (UK time) tonight.

  10. They’ve already covered The Waitresses’ “Christmas Wrapping”, and now adorkable indie duo Summer Camp have taken the dual challenge of mashing-up two of the most famous festive tunes. The result is a wonderfully fuzzy and lo-fi take on Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmastime” and the Mariah Carey standard “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. It doesn’t quite measure up to the former (but then, not much does) but it far outstrips Mariah’s hollering.