internet miscellanea

  1. Miss of the day: He might arguably be the biggest rapper on the planet, but on this evidence, a second career in basketball wouldn’t be a smart move for Drake.

  2. Live Action Adaptation of the day: Scratch below the bright, technicolour exterior of Adventure Time, and you’ll find a melancholy streak running back to the beginning of the series - heck, the main conceit of the show is that it takes place in the aftermath of a nuclear war, which is a pretty depressing starting point for a kid’s cartoon -  so it seems only natural that Gritty Reboots, a YouTube channel that “takes popular and nostalgic video games, TV shows, comics, and more and turns them into gritty, cinematic trailers”, should try their hand at digging up this darkness when reworking it.

    With the approval of Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward, the Gritty Reboots team have devised a rather handy reason for the Land of Ooo looking rather plain and reworked decidedly unmagical, whils previously comic dialogue as sadder, more poignant pull-quotes worthy of any Hollywood blockbuster. An actual full length live-action adaptation of the show doesn’t seem like quite such a bad idea now.

  3. White Tears of the day: Yep, so Donald Trump got pissed off to the point of crying racism that there’s a show called Black-ish currently on TV (and it’s really rather good).  Thankfully Twitter ripped him a new one, with those responses probably causing that awful toupee to leap from his head in shock. Let’s be honest, we kinda should’ve seen this coming, since Trump is a) an asshole and b) an old, rich, white guy, which is like the third highest thing on the racism scale behind KKK members holding a rally in broad daylight in a public place, and law enforcement.

  4. Things We Wish Were Real of the day: Disappointed that the Buffy The Vampire Slayer cartoon series was developed but never got off the ground? Welp, this fully realised intro from artist Stephen Byrne is only going to make you pine harder for a trip to an animated Sunnydale. Watch out for a ton of in-jokes and call backs to the original show, and be weirdly okay with a rather funky take on Nerf Herder’s immortal theme song, and then petition those US TV companies to make this a reality.

  5. Merch Store Update: We’re gonna take a wild guess that y’all are fans of Guardians Of The Galaxy, and an even wilder guess that you all loved Groot, especially in his dancing twig-in-a-pot form. Well if that’s the case, then you’re in luck. Modelled after a certain luminous John Cena shirt, this is the latest addition to our shop on Society6, available in a range of products, styles, and colours. Buy it here!

  6. I like to have people be able to form their own opinion as to what it means and have their own ideas about things. But at the same time, no one, to my knowledge, has ever seen the film the way I see it. The interpretation of what it’s all about has never been my interpretation.

    Despite no cinematic plans for the forseeable future, David Lynch has still been doing the media rounds this summer for the release of the Twin Peaks: The Complete Mystery boxset, and in an interview with Vulture, the bequiffed auteur  still isn’t offering any clues about his 37-year old mindbending masterpiece Eraserhead.

    The closest we’ve ever come to a definitive interpretation from the man himself came from his autobiography-cum-self-help book Catching The Big Fish:

    Eraserhead is my most spiritual movie. No one understands when I say that, but it is.

    Eraserhead was growing in a certain way, and I didn’t know what it meant. I was looking for a key to unlock what these sequences were saying. Of course, I understood some of it; but I didn’t know the thing that just pulled it all together. And it was a struggle. So I got out my Bible and I started reading. And one day, I read a sentence. And I closed the Bible, because that was it; that was it. And then I saw the thing as a whole. And it fulfilled this vision for me, 100 percent.

    I don’t think I’ll ever say what that sentence was.

    What a tease.

  7. Decidedly Not Bald Supervillain of the day: Hoo, boy, this isn’t going to please the fanboys. Reaction to Jesse Eisenberg’s casting as Superman’s nemesis Lex Luthor in the then-untitled Batman-featuring Man Of Steel sequel was lukewarm at best (to be fair, after rumours of Bryan Cranston getting the role, anyone else is going to be a bit of a letdown), but this photo with a fan will likely only exacerbate skepticism. Snapped on the set of Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice by Twitter user Nicole Yloupis, Eisenberg looks, well, absolutely nothing like his comic book counterpart, famed for being follicularly challenged.

    Now, that’s almost definitely a wig that Eisenberg is wearing, so whether Snyder’s vision of the character involves a smart-casual side-parting instead of Eisenberg’s usual curls, or Luthor be wearing a wig in-universe for a cooler public image as a young media figurehead, or we’re set for something of a Luthor origin story in which he tragically loses his locks, we’ll have to wait until the film is released on March 25th 2016 to find out. Alas, ‘til then, this might just be more ammunition for the growing section of fans writing it off as a failure already.

  8. Then And Now of the day: To celebrate twenty years since the original movie, the cast of The Little Rascals helped to recreate the film’s iconic poster. The dog has aged remarkably well…