Just when I thought The Walking Dead trailer couldn’t be bettered, five minutes later this pops up. Under Steven Moffat, Doctor Who has undoubtedly evolved into one of the must-watch shows on British television, and this trailer looks like the second half of Season 6 isn’t letting the side down. So what do we see? Well…

  • A very Shining-esque hotel corridor.
  • A return for a badass-looking Winston Churchill (Ian McNiece) and Craig (James Corden), as well the villainous Madame Kovarian (Frances McDormand).
  • Hitler thanking the trio of the Doctor, Amy and Rory for saving his life (well done guys)
  • River Song wearing an eyepatch rather like Kovarian’s (not a good sign)
  • The Silence! The Cybermen! The Weeping Angels! Time to hide behind the sofa.
  • Rory punching Hitler. 
  • A prophecy from Madame Kovarian ”An impossible astronaut will rise from the deep and strike the Doctor dead”, along with the footage of said striking. Might we get an answer to that impossible riddle?

It looks like there’s going to be twists, turns and even more twists in the remaining six episodes, one of which is given a teaser here. The God Complex is set in that aforementioned Shining-aping hotel, but instead of ghoulish, possessed caretakers, the Doctor & co seem to be running from a minotaur of sorts. There’s also a creepy clown. No doubt everything will be explained and then confused again come September.


Next week’s episode of Doctor Who looks like one of the best of the series so far. According to the synopsis, the Doctor, Amy and Rory end up in a hotel where the layout of the rooms keeps changing, and the rooms contain the greatest fear of each visitor. The promo pics sure give off a bit of a Shining vibe, whilst the minotaur-type creature shown roaming the halls in the adverts looks particularly nightmarish. Also, looks like the Weeping Angels are back. Have a pillow ready to hide behind on Saturday.


Seems like the BBC have let these promotional shots for the Season 6 finale of Doctor Who slip through their hands. Not much is known about the events of “The Wedding Of River Song”, but it seems like there’s a return for Madame Kevorian, The Doctor’s Stetson hat, Winston Churchill (as leader of the Roman Empire apparently) and The Silence. Also, it would appear eyepatches are cool now, as every bugger is wearing them. Mark Gatiss is also scheduled to appear in the episode as this fellow, Gantok.

It seems like the Doctor’s final adventure for a while is going to be more confusing and exciting than ever.

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