alt j

  1. Listen: Alt-J unveil Miley Cyrus-sampling new single: “Hunger Of The Pine” marks the first new material from Alt-J since the release of their debut album, since that album won the Mercury Prize and since bassist Gwil Sainsbury departed the band. Basically, they’ve had a lot to draw inspiration from for their upcoming second album This Is All Yours, which this new track is taken from. It’s slowly-building and rather cinematic, sounding not too unlike mid-period Radiohead, especially with the string & brass elements paired with an electronic beat. However, sampling the “I’m a female rebel” hook of Miley Cyrus’ “4x4” is certainly unexpected (can’t see Thom Yorke & co pulling that off any time soon) and it likely won’t sit well with a lot of listeners, but it’s a definite sign that the Leeds trio are trying a lot of new things on album #2.


    are currently one of the next big things of 2012, and as “Breezeblocks” shows, they deserve the hype. The band (whose name is pronounced Alt-J, which is what you have to press on a Mac keyboard to get the ∆ symbol) who hail from Leeds, create a slinky smooth sound that is like little else around at the moment, to the point where under Influences on their Facebook page is a simple “haha”. Just stick it on and admire the creativity of a band you’re going to be hearing a lot about.