1. totalfilm:

    Jamie Foxx lands Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained

    Jamie Foxx has landed the lead role in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained.

    Being touted as a ‘Southern’, Unchained will reportedly play with western movie tropes and relocate them to the Deep South.

    Foxx will play a freed slave who attempts to save his lover from a malicious plantation owner (Leonardo DiCaprio).

    He’s aided in that quest by a German bounty hunter (Christoph Waltz).

    Previously, Tarantino offered the slave role to Will Smith, who graciously turned it down. After meeting with Idris Elba, Terrence Howard and Chris Tucker, Tarantino finally settled on Foxx.

    Whilst Smith would’ve been interesting to see in a QT flick, and Idris Elba would’ve been badass, Foxx is a fine choice for the titular amateur bounty hunter, so long as he can recapture the quality of his performances in Ray and Collateral.

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  2. thedailywhat:

    This IS All Kinds Of Right of the Day: Adam writes: “A blind U2 fan near the front of the stage held up a sign ‘Blind Guitar Player, Bring Me Up!’. At the end of the show, Bono asked the guy to come up and handed him his guitar.  He and his wife danced to All I Want is You at their wedding so he played it while Bono sang. While attempting to hand Bono’s guitar back to him, Bono refused and told him to have it.”

    “It took me a second,” 32-year-old Adam Bevell of Pheonix later told the Sun Herald. “I had no idea what was going on because in my mind they had left and walked off. I had no idea Bono was still there. Instantly, I was lifted over that front rail and hoisted on stage by the security guards. Before I knew it, I could hear Bono’s voice saying, ‘what do you want to play man?’”

    [vancouversun / video: mrdocholiday76 / thanks adam!]

    Following their rather good Glasto headlining slot, this is just making it harder and harder to dislike Bono & co.

  3. No matter what you think of OFWGKTA’s lyrical content, this is concrete proof of how thrilling a prospect they are in the live arena.



    Fancy a leaked low-res copy of the Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer? Course you do!

    The excitement… the anticipation… Summer 2012 can’t come soon enough.


    The best damn thing on TV returns to screens this October and it looks every bit as good as the first season. For the uninitiated, The Walking Dead is based on a (very) long-running graphic novel series by Robert Kirkman, and tells the story of a group of post-zombie-apocalypse survivors led by former police officer Rick Grimes. The comic has been brought to life by Frank Darabont (responsible for The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile, so you know it’s good) and stars Andrew Lincoln (Love Actually) as Grimes.

    Season 2 contains 13 episodes (expanded from Season 1’s six) and will air in America on October 17th. Kirkman and Darabont have stated that the action this season will take place around Herschel’s farm, which means a lot to fans of the comic and nowt to everyone else. October can’t come fast enough.

  6. inothernews:

Internet sensation Rebecca Black will release a follow-up video to “Friday” later tonight.

Just giving you guys prior warning to stay offline for the rest of the day


    Internet sensation Rebecca Black will release a follow-up video to “Friday” later tonight.

    Just giving you guys prior warning to stay offline for the rest of the day

  7. Bombay Bicycle Club create their own Pac Man.


    Bombay Bicycle Club has created their own version of Pac Man. Yes, you read that correctly.

    The game, which includes an 8-bit version of new track ‘Shuffle,’ is a wonderful office procrastination tool whilst you wish away Thursday & Friday until the weekend. Further to a 8-bit BBC track, Suran’s head replaces Pac Man whilst the rest of the band replace the ghosts.

    Here’s the link:

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  8. totalfilm:

    Ryan Gosling just got cooler

    We didn’t think it was possible, but, yep, Ryan Gosling just became a little bit cooler.

    Check out the video of the Blue Valentine and Drive actor promptly breaking up a fight that was about to erupt on a New York street.

  9. peter0025:

    Is This Going To Be The New Batcave In The Dark Knight Rises?

    Some really stunning location photos have been revealed and it looks like that this is the place where we will see the new batcave in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film The Dark Knight Rises.

    While nothing is confirmed, of course, according to a site called (found via AICN and What Culture), this will be a place where the new Batcave will be located in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. It was previously reported that some scenes will be shot in Wales, also for the Batcave. Images below are quite great, and it really looks like a place for something that big.

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