1. H.U.K. Mixtape #1 - Hong Kong

    Here it is, the first of hopefully many Hitsville U.K. mixtapes to wrap your ears around. First compiled by me for Siobhain on her trip to Hong Kong (hence the title), it’s now up here for download. Go ahead, it’s brilliant. Do you like it? Do you hate it? Let us know either way!

    1. Alex Turner - Stuck On The Puzzle (Intro)
    2. Noah And The Whale - Paradise Stars
    3. Dog Is Dead - Young
    4. The Teardrop Explodes - Reward
    5. Editors - No Sound But The Wind (Live)
    6. David Lynch - Good Day Today
    7. Teen Daze - Let’s Fall Asleep Together
    8. Childish Gambino - Freaks & Geeks
    9. Toro Y Moi - Causers Of This
    10. jj - New Work
    11. Bob Dylan - Moonshiner
    12. Elbow - Jesus Is A Rochdale Girl
    13. Segal - Last Of My Kind
    14. Editors - No Sound But The Wind (Full Band Version)
    15. British Sea Power - Who’s In Control
    16. The National - Think You Can Wait
    17. Edwyn Collins - A Girl Like You
    18. Gold Panda - Same Dream China
    19. Spiritualized - Soul On Fire
    20. Childish Gambino - Bitch Look At Me Now (Two Weeks)
    21. Patrick Wolf - The City
    22. Woodpigeon - A Slight Return Home
    23. LCD Soundsystem - New York I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down (Live)


  2. H.U.K. Mixtape #2 - Summer Sun


    It’s officially Summer, no matter what anyone says. Stick this in your iTunes, turn it to 11 and enjoy the sunshine.


  3. H.U.K. Mixtape #3 - Grim Up North

    Okay, so today was the wrong day to post a mixtape to soundtrack a sunny day, at least it was up here on Merseyside where the heavens have opened. So in return, here’s a rainy day mix, which is pretty downbeat apart from a few exceptions. Enjoy!


  4. H.U.K. Mixtape #4 - Beatin’ Heart

    A slightly more romantic mix this week… well romantic in that ever song (or artist in one case) includes the word “love” in the title. Some damn fine tunes on this one, so I recommend giving it a listen.


  5. H.U.K. Mixtape #5 - Timey Wimey

    An extremely loose theme for Mixtape #5. Timey Wimey being a Doctor Who term, the tracklist itself being made up of electronic and dance sounds, with Nikola Tesla on the cover. Like I said, extremely loose. Enjoy!


  6. H.U.K. Mixtape #6 - PLAY LOUD

    Yup, another one. H.U.K. #6 marks Hitsville’s 100th post, which pretty good don’tcha think?
    Anticipating a few complaints that my definition of loud is actually a little tame, but whack this on, turn it up to 11 and it’s all good.


  7. H.U.K. Mixtape #7 - Fish & Chips

    The title may give it away, but H.U.K. #7 is a “Best Of British” mix, spanning the last five decades of pop and rock from these shores. Tracks 17 and 25 didn’t quite make the cut (Blame Megaupload), so apologies to those expecting the genius of Bowie and not-quite-genius of Shaun Ryder. The rest should make up for them though.

    Download HITSVILLE U.K. MIXTAPE #6

  8. H.U.K. Mixtape #8 - Stay Happy

    I have the feeling putting Morrissey on the cover of H.U.K. #8 may be slightly controversial. The only excuse I have is I designed it a month ago and like it too much to change it. Oh well. On what’s quite an overcast and grey summer’s day, here’s hoping this will cheer a few of you up.

    DOWNLOAD H.U.K. #8!

  9. H.U.K. Mixtape #9 - Record

    Best one yet, in my humble opinion…


  10. H.U.K. Mixtape #10 - PLAY LOUD, Vol 2.

    Yeah it’s a bit soon after the last but I quite like this cover and want to capture the zeitgeist and whatnot.

    Turn on.
    Press play.
    Whack it up to 11.