1. Diplo’s stir-crazy single “Express Yourself” hasn’t received much mainstream attention aside from one BBC ad, but I’m calling it the gem of 2012. I’ve always had a passing interest in Diplo but it’s never gone further than the occasional dip into his back catalogue. The Express Yourself EP serves to remedy that. From the berserk title track to the laid back “Butter’s Theme”, this EP never strays too far from the moombahton style that Diplo has recently adopted. Aside from “Barely Standing”, a collaboration between Diplo and dubstep veteran Datsik, the EP doesn’t cater to modern dance music fads to make its impression, quite the opposite. Avoiding sugary synth hooks, Express Yourself is all about the dissonant, the chaotic and the repetitive. As is Diplo’s standard, the combination of the three combines well to form tracks that still make an impression on the dance floor – think Major Lazer’s classic “Pon De Floor”. Aside from what I think’s a bit of a swing and a miss in “No Problam”, the B-side to the Express Yourself single, every track carries Diplo’s standard well.

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