"Darker, harder, faster, deeper"… nope, not an X-rated remix of Daft Punk, but Andrew Lincoln describing Season 3 of The Walking Dead.
Wacky Scientologist movie icons? In my unnecessary remake? It’s more likely than you think.
Use Google for something other than searching for illegal downloads; today’s doodle is a tribute to synth pioneer Robert Moog.
Giorgio Moroder, the genius beind the late Donna Summer's classics “I Feel Love” and “Love To Love You Baby”, wants to work with Rihanna (and, to a lesser extent, Nicki Minaj). MAKE THIS HAPPEN, UNIVERSE.
Residents of Brooklyn are petitioning to have a park named after the late Adam “MCA” Yauch. MAKE THIS HAPPEN TOO, UNIVERSE.
Apple addicts rejoice! The bloke who designed everything you hold dear is getting knighted.
Jedward are in the Eurovision Song Contest final. Pretty sure that’s a sign of the apocalypse.
Pete Doherty can’t act apparently. Who saw that coming, eh?
There’s a new Cheryl Cole song, which totally isn’t about Ashely Cole, honest. It’s a bit dubstep, and also a bit shite.
Two characters in the X-Men comics are set to have a gay wedding. First a mixed race Spiderman and now this; Republican comic book fans must be outraged.